Word Of The Day 4.15.15: MISOGYNOIR


(miso-: hater, gyn-: woman, noir: Black)

A term coined by Moya Bailey of Crunk Feminist Collective to describe the intersection of anti-Black racism and misogyny that Black women experience. Misogynoir is distinct from misogyny, racism and anti-Blackness in illustrating how the experience of Black womanhood is unique and often overlooked or misunderstood by white men and women, non-Black men and women of color, and Black men alike.

“I was looking for precise language to describe why Renisha McBride would be shot in the face, or why The Onion would think it’s okay to talk about Quvenzhané the way they did, or the hypervisibilty of Black women on reality TV, the arrest of Shanesha Taylor, the incarceration of CeCe, Laverne and Lupita being left off the TIME list, the continued legal actions against Marissa Alexander, the twitter dragging of black women with hateful hashtags and supposedly funny Instagram images as well as how Black women are talked about in music.” – Moya Bailey

Further reading: More On The Origin Of Misogynoir by Moya Bailey

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