10 Times Jesse Williams Showed Us He Is #RevolutionaryBae*

*Shout out to fellow writer and original #revolutionarybae Preston Anderson for coming up with the hashtag*

In a time when most celebrities are careful not to tread into controversial topics, perhaps afraid the backlash may affect their careers, to say that Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jesse Williams has not been shy about speaking out on social issues is an understatement. Instead of guarding his platform by any means possible, the former educator has unashamedly used it to shed light on injustices and to mobilize for change.

Below is a list of 10 times Williams stole our hearts by taking on white supremacy with bravery, brains and passion, all while looking like perfection:

1. The time homegirl said she was no longer a fan because of his outspokenness and he gave no shits and then some:

2. The time he schooled CNN on media distortion of the Mike Brown narrative:

3. That time he just didn’t get white folks’ weird sense of humor:

4. That time he explained how to tell you are an oppressor:

5. The time he reminded us that cops have been lying way before Walter Scott:

6. The time he pointed out the double standard for Black victims and their attackers:

7. That time he walked the walk and showed up to support in Ferguson:

8. The time he asked for a list of unarmed offenses worthy of the death penalty:

9. That time he reminded us that the countless men and women being turned into hashtags were human beings:

10. And the time he explained a fan who isn’t a fan of what he stands for isn’t a fan at all:

Damn, I just fell in love all over again writing this piece. And Jesse just killed my love life because #RevolutionaryBae just upped the standards for any guy who ever approaches me in the future. They at least have to be 1/10th of Jesse. Next time someone asks me out for a drink I’m gonna be like:


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