21 Things I Am Not Here For In The Wake Of #Baltimore.

1. White folks quoting MLK.


2. Folks thinking they are an expert on race and racism because they watched Roots once. And not even the whole thing because they thought it was too long.

3. Not knowing what happened to Freddie Gray.

4. Not knowing what happened to Joseph Kent.

(Update: Kent seems to have been released and has spoken to CBSN. He looks a little shook though.)

5. Folks only paying attention after violence erupts and then asking why the people who only ever wanted the world to pay attention are being violent.

6. Folks condemning “violence” when we know they really mean to condemn “Black violence” because they don’t have anything to say about the police violence that started it all.

7. Folks acting like poor Black people in Baltimore don’t have over 400 years of reasons to be angry.

8. Toya Graham’s multi-network media tour as she is being worshiped by white folks who scream violence isn’t the answer. Except when it’s against Black children, of course.

9. Barack Obama’s empty platitudes and demonization of protestors.


10. Hilary Clinton’s empty platitudes and demonization of protestors (really, liberals, ya’ll want the exact same thing EXCEPT WHITER AND MORE CONSERVATIVE?!)

11. Black folk pretending like the unrest is bad because it makes white people view us as animalistic knowing full damn white folks have treating us as worse than animals for half a millennia.

12. Old Black folk acting like the Men In Black came and wiped their memory and they don’t remember how social unrest contributed to them being treated marginally more humanely.


13. Young Black folk of privilege competing with white folks to be the best white folks.

14. Coonery.


15. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake being a stupid ass.

16. White folks pretending like they care about Black people “destroying their own communities”.

17. White “allies” asking me to explain racism to them.

18. My white coworkers.

19. People acting as if non-violence alone has contributed to any major social change. Ever.

20. Don Lemon (but I have been not here for him for much prior to this) and the rest of mainstream media and their stupid questions and comments.

21. The police officer directing traffic on Atlantic Ave. Don’t you know I am over you today, sir?! Don’t talk to me!

BONUS: People calling the revolt/uprising a riot. Read a damn book.

So please, don’t try any of this today.

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  1. Girl, yes!!! Coulda been my fingers plucking out these words. Press on! You are not alone…

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