Facebook Glitch Seems To Have Temporarily Blocked All #Baltimore Content.

For a few short minutes, a ton of my Facebook friends reached out to let me know that they could not click on links I had posted about Baltimore. When they did, this message came up:


I tried to share this amazing piece by Jericho Brown and got the same message.

The piece is pretty benign, right?

I don’t know if it only affected select users and after a few minutes the glitch seemed to go away, but it has me asking what tripped up Facebook’s system in the first place? Are they monitoring for Black rage? Seeking to temper it? I wouldn’t be surprised.

We have yet to hear word from Facebook on what caused this but I would keep your eyes open. White supremacy DOES NOT PLAY when it feels a revolution brewing. #StayWoke.

Amended: If you’ve had any similar experience, please let us know below!!!

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Update (around 6 PM): A thread I was having on Facebook about the situation before writing this piece was also deleted.

Update (8:05 PM): The Facebook thread is back. WTF is going on???

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