Vigilante Group Plans 300 Themed Disruption of Peaceful Tamir Rice Protest.

Is Cleveland the next Baltimore?

Based on reports of parents being told they can keep their children and home if they feel unsafe following to verdict in the case of the Michael Brelo, the cop who who took part in a police chase in 2012 and pumped some of the 137 bullets into the car of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell, to residents receiving fliers about possible riots, it certainly looks like it:

Add to the list a vigilante group led by a white tattoo artists named Tommy Gunn Snider organizing a 300 themed violent disruption of peaceful protests led by the family of Tamir Rice this Saturday in Impett park, a disruption ironically titled “Protect Our City!!!“, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster:

protect our streets cleveland

Shit is about to go down.

They know it. They want it.

They’re already preparing. They’re already establishing their narrative. And 400 people (as of this writing) have already RSVP’d to disrupt peaceful protests led by the family of a murdered Black child.

They murder us, incite violence, blame it on us, and use it as cover to do it all over again.
They’ve done this every. single. time. And now it looks like they are perfecting their methods.

So, for the 216. My hometown. My birthplace.

I want you to be safe there. I want you to know what you’re up against. But most of all, I want you to fight back. Prepare yourself.

*Update: On another thread, one of Tommy’s friends asks where “the natives (are) attacking” and he responds “fuckin kill them all”:

tommy gunn snider

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  1. My friend,

    I try to stay as far from this sort of nonsense as possible but at this point I am compelled to speak. Know that many in the white community do not agree with any part of the action written about above. It stems from pure ignorance, need for attention, and lack of insight. I truly and honestly hope that if these people do show up that they stay away from the Tamir Rice protestors.

    An incredibly volition situation for no reason. Please understand that many in the white community want the same justice you seek and do not wish to suppress the rights of others through fear and intimidation.

    Best regards.

  2. WE ARE PROTECTING OUR PEOPLE AND OUR CITY! This is an absolute BULLSHIT FALSE ARTICLE! We don’t want problems, we want to be PREPARED AND SAFE! Sorry others choose to be ignorant rather than educated!

    • Let’s let people look at the event and the vitriol and ignorance all over the page and judge for themselves, shall we?

      • Handsome Matt May 23, 2015 — 7:09 pm

        Should we start with the article or is a statement like “But most of all, I want you to fight back. Prepare yourself.” not fair territory? If your goal was to avoid violence, why sir, are you then encouraging it to happen?

      • Handsome Matt May 23, 2015 — 7:11 pm

        “But most of all, I want you to fight back. Prepare yourself.”

        If your goal was to avoid a violent confrontation, this was not the best choice of words.

      • Handsome Matt May 24, 2015 — 9:17 am

        Yes, it definitely can be and if you believe what you wrote:

        “They’re already preparing. They’re already establishing their narrative…They murder us, incite violence, blame it on us, and use it as cover to do it all over again.They’ve done this every. single. time. And now it looks like they are perfecting their methods.”

        Then abdicating a violent response, even if it is in defense, is exactly what “They” want. Why play into the established narrative then that you believe is false?

      • Correction: advocate, not abdicate. The coffee had yet to sink in this morning.

    • Jen Jen Jen…stop the BS!! WEST PARK is RACIST…CLEVELAND has a problem and YES it does have to do with the RACIST way of life that ALL US CLEVELANDERS have been allowing. I admit it. I am responsible even though I have worked my whole life to help combat poverty and affliction. I am responsible bc Tamir was killed and it is all our faults for allowing it to happen and STILL it has not been dealt with in a responsible and JUST way..It is real and it needs to be addressed in the streets, the courthouse, and West Park is not exempt from reality. STOP the ignorance. We live in a controlled police state in Cleveland and it needs to stop. You just are afraid to take responsibility for what is happening in Cleveland. Tamir was a kid killed by the police in Cleveland Ohio and its not okay JEN.

    • You’re lying. And you showed your hand saying “Our people and our city”. So Black people dont live in the city? It isnt theirs? Tamar Rice wasnt a part of the city?

      You people are fucking sick. You really are. You hate us, you’ve fucked us over for four centuries and you get mad when we say stop killing us.

      fuck white people. You’re all sociopaths.

      • Wasn’t aware some one alive for four centuries would still be around to post on Facebook. Good for you.

  3. Kia Morning Flower May 23, 2015 — 3:42 pm

    This comment is for the writer. Why not write about what happens aftet riots, what the consequences are for insighting violence and site some examples? Like what happened to cities like Newark In NJ (after the riots ).
    Where’s the journalistic perspective?
    If you wanted to keep it light, at least consider writing about the 300 movie description and the irony behind choosing a Greek historical event (a country who tried to take over the world) as a symbol of the “oppressed.” Please, Sparta, at least was a warrior culture. This article had the potential to educate and make a difference.

    • Because that’s not what this article is about. I’m warning this city, my city, so that they can be prepared. If you want to see a post about 300, you are free to write it

  4. Burning River Bandit May 24, 2015 — 1:14 am

    Stop the crybaby crap already. Stop blaming the White man for your failures. You live in the greatest country on Earth where you have the freedom not just to worship as you please but to become whatever you want with you yourself setting your own barriers.

    Start with applying yourself in school. Take advantage of this time and learn all you can. Face it, not everyone can be LeBron or 50 cent.

    Graduate high school. Without a high school diploma your options for success are greatly diminished.

    Enroll in college. Grants and loans are available. The more you learn-the more you earn.

    Learn to speak English. Dress appropriately. Obey laws. Be responsible and respectful.

    Save child rearing AFTER you have established yourself in your chosen professional career.

    Don’t blame the White man for your failures. You do have the power to take responsibility for yourself.

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