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  1. Economics, hit FB in the pocket!

  2. I got absolutely tired of “Facebook community standards”. Once an acquaintance posted an “innocent” advice about how to avoid one’s child to become homossexual, I felt that outrageous, because I’m gay but not only, and I reported it as an homophobic post, and FB didn’t give me a shit. Several times a cousin had showed violent videos on his timeline with Brazilian black people being murdered by police men, and his introductory messages repeatedly were an defense of the police and an accusation against the poor and most black population, I then reported it to Facebook. None of the cases were interpreted as offencive or something alike. This happened many times. I got tired. And after receiving many “did not violate community standards”, I started thinking I was the wrong person, the one who was disrespect race, sexual, gender and other dimensions of people’s identity. As I said I got tired of Facebook negligence, and I’ve finally suspended my FB account. Since then I’m much more happier.

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    Background on why I started the blackout. Like the FB page for more info on Blackout II.

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