Hari Ziyad | Editor-In-Chief

Hari ZiyadHari Ziyad is an artist and writer. They received their BFA from New York University, where they concentrated on Film and Television and Psychology.

Their work is informed by their passion for storytelling and wrestling with identity as a Black, non-binary child of Muslim and Hindu parents while growing up in Cleveland. Hari primarily creates art engaging with identity, race, gender and sexuality, ally politics and the arts.

Their work has been featured on Gawker, Out, Ebony, Mic, The Guardian, Colorlines, Paste Magazine, Black Girl Dangerous, The Feminist Wire, and in the peer-reviewed journal Critical Ethnic Studies (upcoming 2017). They are also Deputy Editor for Black Youth Project, an Assistant Editor for Vinyl Poetry & Prose, and writer for AFROPUNK.


Arielle Iniko Newton | Editor

Photographer: @sindayiganza

Arielle Iniko Newton is a writer and organizer within the Movement for Black Lives. They began their writing career as the Founder of, a digital hub for the cultural empowerment of young Black adults throughout the African Diaspora. Since then, their work has appeared on PBS NewsHour, Feministing and Essence.

As a community organizer, Arielle has been a dedicated core member of Black Lives Matter NYC since its founding in 2014, and is now a member of BLM-DC as of 2017. They are currently the Executive Director of the Black Giving Fund, a collective that provides direct monetary support to Black changemakers and social entrepreneurs.

Through writing, Arielle hopes to advance a radical pro-Black Liberationist agenda which centers and protects the most marginalized and vulnerable from white supremacy, capitalism, and heteronormative patriarchy.

As Head Girl of Ravenclaw, she is an unapologetic mermaid, abolitionist, and radical militant freedom fighter.


C.J. Louis | Podcast Producer

C.J. is an Afrolatino writer and organizer born and raised in Brooklyn. He believes policy should be administered through an equity lens. C.J. strives to dismantle common white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal structures through uncommon means. He currently produces RaceBaitR’s podcast “RaceBaiting.”

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